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Disclaimer: This program is not intended be used as a substitute for professional advice. Individual results may vary.

Thought Elevators

Thought Elevators

By Eric Taller 
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Disclaimer: This is not intended be used as a substitute for professional advice. Individual results may vary.

The Force of Habituation

Have you ever flipped a light switch despite knowing that the light bulb burned out the day before, and you did it more than once?

This is the force of habituation.

Now imagine your entire life as an accumulation of little habits, resulting from congealed decisions at many of life's forks, that formed a giant pattern that is your life now: your personality, your mental and emotional makeup, your perspective on the world, and how the world sees you back.

This is what makes one succeed in life, an optimal pattern of habits that lead to success: financial, emotional, and physical.

Good Habits

But what if your environment was suboptimal, your childhood bad, forcing you to make bad decisions, or if you made them of your own accord knowing the consequences? The Thought Elevators program is designed to help people reshape their minds.*

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

The Power of Meditation

According to studies, the brain can be as malleable as clay, if one knows how to initiate the change.[1]

Take Tibetan monks as an example: It turns out that their method of meditation has a profound effect on the matter that matters the most – the brain. They are actually able to change their minds to experience senses of well-being to a much greater extent, which was manifested in the activation of their brain regions including pre-frontal cortexes and visual cortexes.[2]

Meditation is often associated with the Alpha state, the same one that naturally occurs when you are deeply relaxed or daydreaming.[3] Although beneficial in reducing stress, this might not be the key to reshaping your mind.

It is reported that some experienced meditators could enter the Theta state, a much deeper state of meditation, emphasized in the Thought Elevators program. It is in this state that the mind might be the most malleable,[4] where you may potentially break past habits and thought patterns that hinder you, according to Eric Taller.

Disclaimer: This is not intended to be the final word on the subject, but merely the author's perspective.

The 4 Step Activation

Many self-help programs help identify people's real desires and issues they need to work on, but that is often not nearly enough to break the established habituation of the mind.

The Thought Elevators program, devised by Eric Taller, is a 4 step program for anyone to achieve a different state of mind:

It will require of you 10 minutes of your time per day, and with the additional help of videos and audio files in this program, which you can view and listen on any modern digital device, you will be able to easily slip into this deep state of self-knowledge and reflection, no matter your mood at the given moment.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.
Thought Elevators
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